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Do you need to see a Medical Exercise Specialist?

NextStep New Zealand has 2 of the only 3 Medical exercise specialists in New Zealand! How did we get so lucky? Well actually it doesn't come down to luck but the dedication of our two lead trainers Aaron and Brennan to be the best that they can be for our local community. Not only are they already university qualified but they have kept up their passion for helping others by completing further study in Medical Exercise.

Medical Exercise training is the completion of a gruelling 12 month certification developing advanced assessment and prescription exercise techniques for over 60 different medical conditions! During the training the importance of identifying any red flags (concerns over starting a fitness program) are drilled home to make sure that each individual who comes through our doors is as safe as possible while also ensuring that each and every exercise selected has a purpose and is building towards our clients own goals.

Unfortunately a lot of people in our community become afflicted with some sort of health condition whether it be high blood pressure or an auto immune disease but not everyone seeks out suitably qualified exercise professionals to help in the management of said conditions and as such may be missing some of the benefits of exercise training. This is where we come in, if you have one of the below conditions then maybe its time to take back control of your health and find a Medical exercise specialist that can take you through the most effective, supported and safe program.

Here is a list of some just some of the conditions that our trainers have been certified to provide exercise conditioning programs for:

Fibromyalgia. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. CVA (Stroke) ACL Rupture. Tennis Elbow. Achilles Tendon Rupture. Ankle Fracture. Lumbar Disc Herniation. Cervical Strain. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Patellofemoral Syndrome.Total Hip Replacement. Total Knee Replacement. Rotator Cuff Tear. Impingement Syndrome. Knee Meniscus Tear. Shoulder Dislocation. AC Joint Separation. Osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid Arthritis. Multiple Sclerosis. Osteoporosis. Hypertension. Cervical Disc Herniation. Diabetes. Patella Tendon Rupture. Total Shoulder Replacement. Laminectomy. Spinal Fusion. Spondylolisthesis. Bicipital Tendinitis. Meniscus Tear. Parkinson’s Disease. Lateral Stenosis. PCL Rupture. Tibial Plateau Fracture. Piriformis Syndrome. IT Band Syndrome. Patellectomy. Central Stenosis. Glenoid Labrum Tear. Spinal Stenosis. Golfer’s Elbow. Ankle Sprain. Scoliosis.

If you have a condition that's holding you back and you want to feel stronger and have more energy and feel in control again then make sure to send us a message!

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