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Chris Batton


Chris Batten has a bachelor of health science in physiotherapy and a diploma in remedial massage therapy. My focus areas of physiotherapy are musculoskeletal injury treatment, and strength rehabilitation. ​

I have a special interest in the treatment of back pain and shoulder disorders. My treatments are based around identifying dysfunction and treating this through education, hands on therapy and strength rehabilitation. 

June Engle Body Centred Awareness

June Engle

Body Centred Awareness

June is a retired GP whose passion has been working on various holistic movement therapies to restore functional movement, flexibility and coordination. She incorporates movement therapy that re-educates the nervous system and also draws on visceral (abdominal) massage and craniosacral techniques.  In addition, she offers the Bioflex laser system that treats injuries and inflammatory conditions.  Her unique combination of these various methodologies along with her medical background allows her to facilitate lasting improvement in musculoskeletal problems and faster rehabilitation from injury.