Managing Director / Exercise Physiologist

Aaron, or big boss as most people refer to me as. I started my journey towards the exercise and recovery sector by starting as a butcher when I left school and learning my anatomy that way. I think I found that I would rather work with things that are alive so packed my bags and went down to the mighty Palmerston North to join student life and do a degree in sport and exercise. The idea was to become a typical personal trainer building bodies to look good in summer however the experience I had when working with people with significant health challenges and the power that exercise had to impact their lives, changed my career path. After finishing my degree and heading home to the Bay I worked at a few gyms trying to seek out clients that had more challenging issues before finally getting my break and being asked to come and open up a rehab gym and 8 years later I am still here, loving it and taking the NextStep in my career with ownership.


My special focus areas are in the Activity based therapy side of things where I love to try and recover function, challenge your body in various ways and really make an impact with exercise for Neurological conditions. 


Fun facts:

  • I used to be a strength and conditioning coach for the Bay of Plenty Steamers rugby team

  • I have 4 awesome kids

  • I am a fanatical All Blacks fan


  • Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Prescription

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Sport & Exercise

  • Medical Exercise Specialist Certification

  • Workplace First Aid Certification

  • REPs registered Exercise Specialist


Assistant Manager / Exercise Physiologist

My name is Brennan, or commonly known around the centre as B. Like many of us I didn't start out my journey expecting to be an Exercise Physiologist. Unsure of what I wanted to do after leaving school I thought I would pursue a career in sport. During my Sports Science Degree, I discovered I had a passion for science and how the human body functions. It was when I undertook a work placement in cardiac rehabilitation that I became aware of this career path and a way to put my passion and knowledge for exercise science into practice in a real-world setting. More so I discovered the reward of assisting people with health conditions through the power of exercise. It wasn't long before I graduated and joined Aaron where I have remained for over 8 years thriving off the challenges and rewarding nature this centre offers. 

My areas of focus still remains in cardiac rehabilitation and the health clinic's we offer at NextStepNZ. Other focus areas include balance and falls prevention, cancer exercise recovery and cerebral palsy 


Fun facts:

  • I have two different coloured eyes

  • One of my many hobbies is landscape photography

  • I have a fur baby Called Kobi, a red and white Border collie

  • I'm an adventure junky, when not working I'm likely mountain biking, surfing, hiking or spearfishing.


  • Bachelor of Sport & Recreation | Majoring in Exercise Science

  • Medical Exercise Specialist Certification

  • Diploma in Sport & Exercise

  • Sport Medic Certification

  • Workplace First Aid Certificate

Casey Waterhouse

Director / Business Development Manager

My journey into the fitness industry started differently to most, in 2017 I had a motocross accident that left me with a spinal cord injury. In the search for my own recovery, I came across NextStep New Zealand where I began intensive rehabilitation with the team. Seeing the work that happens at NextStep and a desire to learn more about my own body fuelled me to undertake a personal training qualification so I too could aid people in similar situations with their health, fitness and recovery. My passion for this facility continued to grow and in 2020 I came onboard as a Director of the NextStep New Zealand franchise where I now apply my previous experience and knowledge of business to ensure NextStepNZ continues to grow and be more available to those in need of this crucial service as I was when starting my recovery journey. 

My area of focus is now directed towards business development and the customer experience where I pride myself on developing a strong community where all members feel like they're part of our little family. However, occasionally you will find me out in the gym training clients. 

Fun facts:

  • I'm a farmer and have a pet goat

  • I'm a qualified early childhood teacher


  • Certificate of Personal Training 

  • First aid certificate

  • REPs registered personal trainer

Brett Moore

Exercise Specialist

Hello everyone, my name is Brett and I am excited to begin my journey here at NextStep. After finishing High School here at Tauranga Boys college I made the move to the city of the future 'the Tron' better known as Waikato to start a mechanical engineering degree. This lasted a solid year and a half before deciding my passion for health and fitness outweighed my skillset for engineering so made the change to a degree in health, sport and human performance. Through my degree, I gained an in-depth knowledge about the human body and its movements. Some main papers being around injury diagnostic, prevention and rehabilitation, biomechanics, fitness monitoring and nutrition. After seeing what NextStep was all about and experiencing the friendly, motivational environment, I couldn't be happier to become a part of it with you all. I look forward to getting to know as many of you as I can and help make a positive difference.

Fun facts:

  • I love basketball and have played for a team every year since primary school.

  • I have recently taken up golf and would appreciate any tips!

  • I experienced working with the Chiefs and NZ rugby sevens team during my studies.

  • Known to dabble in a bit of online gaming from time to time.


  • Bachelor's of Sports, Health and Human Performance

  • Certificate in Exercise (Lvl 4)