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Physiotherapy AND Exercise Physiology - How the two professions work together for YOU!

Have you ever had an injury that just doesn't come right? Your left feeling like there is something more you should have/could have done to get you back to 100%. Currently when you have an injury most people will schedule an appointment with their medical doctor who has a whole of 10-15mins to assess your injury and set you up with a plan of action. Unfortunately our bodies are incredibly complex and being able to diagnose and implement a rehabilitation plan in 10 minutes requires super human skills! General recommendations after this visit are to implement the R.I.C.E recovery strategies and it should come right in 3-5 days, if it doesn't then come back. The problem with this is that people do these things and start to feel a bit better and then decide to not go back for a follow up and thus end up dealing with their injury for a lot longer than they ought to. This is not to say some injuries will heal on their own and this would work fine but if you are hobbling into the doctors clinic with a severely swollen ankle you can be sure that you are going to need some rehabilitation to make sure that it gets back to full strength.

This is why we are trying to educate our community on the benefits of seeing a physiotherapist first when you have an injury. Your physio can process all your ACC forms and spend more time to assess and treat your injury in the very early stages. Taking the time to diagnose accurately means that any further investigations (X-Ray, Ultrasound etc) can be ordered straight away and then work can start on getting you back to full strength sooner.

NextStep is uniquely setup to help this exact situation. We have one of the best physiotherapists in the country working within our facility - Chris Batten. Chris can accurately diagnose and treat your injury while also having access to all the gyms latest in technology and equipment. For the longer term injuries Chris will refer you to our team of exercise physiologists to carry on your rehabilitation and conditioning program allowing you to have the best chance of recovery possible.

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Di Wells
Di Wells
Sep 05, 2022

I wish I still lived nearby, Wellington is abit too far, even in a motorized 🦼

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