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5 tips to kickstart your health in the New Year

1. Set a goal. Make a goal that means something to you, forget all the outside influences and take a look at yourself and what you really want to achieve this year. The more meaningful you can make your goals the more likely you will be to stick to them when times get tough.

2. Tell people about your goal. There are some cool theories floating around about social validation and we find that this is a very real thing. What it means is that when you tell other people about what you are trying to achieve then all of a sudden you feel like you are being held accountable to your goal by them thus increasing your motivation to succeed.

3. Get advice. There are so many different diets, exercises and health buzz articles and different pieces of advice that it can be really hard to determine what is best for you. Find someone that you can trust and give what they say a period of time to see results rather than switching between too many different strategies.

4. Balance. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Make sure to still spend time doing things that make you happy and your body will be happier as well.

5. Don't give up. A healthier body requires a consistent effort throughout the year. Consistency is key to making health a lifestyle not a quick fix.

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