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I am waiting for a joint replacement and have really bad pain, can I still exercise without it hurting more? This has been one of the most common questions we are hearing around the gym recently. Unfortunately there is a large backlog of surgeries waiting to happen in our public health system which is meaning we have more people living with the pain of arthritis and looking for a way to stay active while sometimes waiting as long as 2 years for surgery!

Inflamed, bone on bone, joint locking, constant pain are all common complaints when living with a joint that is failing. This leads people to do less and less and and less because they don't want to do anything and everything they try makes the pain worse. We all know that sitting and doing nothing is not great for our bodies so people are needing an option to move without causing extra pain.

NextStep, as trained exercise physiologists can assess where your joint is currently and then modify a program to keep you active. We have numerous options that reduce the weight on the specific painful area but still allow you to get a cardiovascular workout. If your hip is sore we can do arm bikes, or recumbent steppers, if your knee is sore we can do a seated ski, or lift weights using your upper body. There really is endless options and ways we can adapt a workout to suit you. Research shows that if we can keep physically active while living with joint pain that we can reduce the pain and improve function by around 40%. Not only do you get exercise, reduce pain and improve movement but we all know how much better we feel after exercising!

If you need help with your painful joints then make a time to come have a chat with one of our friendly team.

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