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5 Benefits Of Exercising At Next Step NZ:

NextStep New Zealand is a unique exercise and rehabilitation center that prides itself on being able to help any body! Read on below for just 5 of the many benefits of being a member of our community!

  • NextStep is a community facility and as such our members get to know each other and become a second family. Shared experiences are common amongst our members and often this can lead to valuable tips shared amongst each other. NextStep also does regular social outing and challenges that get everyone together outside the gym.

  • NextStep has qualified trainers that have experience and are on the floor with you when you are working out. NextStep is one of a very few facilities in NZ that has accredited exercise physiologists working for them! The benefit of this is that their advanced training allows them to prescribe exercise programs for anyone no matter what health condition they may have. The other unique thing is that our staff are always at the gym so you are always able to ask for help or know that someone is there that can help you, alot of gyms now have large amounts of time that the gym is un-staffed.

Adaptive exercising

  • NextStep has a fully accessible facility that guarantees there will be something you can do no matter what mobility challenges you may face. Can only work out your upper body, no problem we have equipment for that, only lower body, no problem we can do that. We even have machines that can move you if you cant move anything! NextStep also actively seeks out new and exciting technology that we can share with our members and are often getting new adaptive pieces of equipment. Aside from all the specialist equipment NextStep also has a full range of regular gym equipment including treadmills, bikes, rowers and big weight machines.

  • NextStep has a range of other health professionals located within our facility. Whether you need a physiotherapist, hand therapist or a massage we have them in the same building and they are all amazing!

  • NextStepNZ is part of a global franchise of facilities that are leading the way in neurological rehabilitation around the world. Some of the leading research facilities in the United States are providing our facilities with the latest research tips so that it can be implemented into the community straight away. So, you can be rest assured we are leading the way in neuro rehab and can help if you have any questions!

There we have it, 5 reasons why exercising at NextStep can be of benefit to you! If you are interested in joining or having a chat then send us a message at:

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