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3 ways exercise can protect you from COVID-19

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

By Aaron Balsom - Exercise Physiologist Tauranga

1️⃣ Latest research coming out of Harvard University in America is suggesting that people who are exercising at least 150 minutes per week are less likely to be hospitalized or even die than those who don't!

They also found that protective benefits against COVID-19 were seen from as little as 10 minutes of exercise per week and increased as the exercise minutes increased.

To put it simply, make sure you are out there getting at least 150mins of exercise per week, if you don't currently exercise and are nervous about starting maybe reach out to someone you trust and get some advice about how to start exercising safely and effectively.

2️⃣ Exercise can help us improve our immune systems response.

According to data from ESSA "evidence shows that exercise reduces the incidence of communicable diseases".

Who doesn't want to improve their chances of being able to fight off COVID without needing to end up in hospital?

Exercise doesn't have to be such a hard slog that the mere thought of it brings up emotions of dread. With the right coach/trainer they will be able to make a program that suits you, fits with your lifestyle and is effective.

3️⃣ Exercise improves our mental health.

Most of us know that we feel so much better after a good workout and these days its these mental benefits that are a real big part of why we need to exercise regularly.

With so much doom and gloom going on it can be hard to find some peace and to get away from it all but we find a good exercise program can do exactly that. Take your focus away from all the external drama and get a feel good buzz from a workout that leaves you sweating!

NB. Just a quick side note to point out the obvious, COVID-19 is a respiratory illness which means it affects your breathing.

Exercise also affects your breathing but in a positive way. Try to find a workout that gets you slightly out of breath so that you know your lungs are fit and healthy!

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